Dave Reachill


dave2[From Official Website] Dave Reachill is a British/Australian/Canadian singer-songwriter.
Born in Cambridge, England to his Scandinavian/Scottish father and Philippine mother, Reachill spent the majority of his life on the road. Reachill’s second release, aptly named, ‘These Random Places’ is a reflection of a life between cities, having lived in Cambridge England, Adelaide Australia and now Toronto Canada. With his warm, intricate, indie-rock sensibilities and his penchant for poetry, Reachill paints words into pictures and distant places into melodies.
“Growing up I was never really into sports, fancy cars or trends of the moment. I would just write all the time. I would think of words as colors and blend them into songs like paintings…”

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2010 Dace ReChill - These Random Places



2010 Dave Reachill - Ghost Trains Grey Tracks



2009 Dave Reachill - The Dave Reachill EP