A Northern Chorus


[From Wikipedia] A Northern Chorus was a Canadian band from Hamilton, Ontario. The band was formed in 1999 after the breakup of Stu Livingstone and Pete Hall’s previous band, Datura Dream Defered. They have released four records on the Sonic Unyon label, Before We All Go To Pieces, Spirit Flags, Bitter Hands Resign, and The Millions Too Many. Before We All Go To Pieces was originally released by Black Mountain Music. The band has toured both nationally in Canada and internationally in the United States several times.
The band announced the end of their career in May 2008 with two final shows scheduled on June 27 (Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto) and June 28 (Hamilton), 2008.

Artist / AlbumYearCreditPurchase
2003 Northern Chorus - Spirit Flags
A Northern Chorus
Spirit Flags
May 2003
Noah Mintz