A Primitive Evolution


ape1[From Facebook] Instinct: another way of saying primal urge. From the pangs of hunger and need for entertainment to procreation and warfare, humanity has forever been incited by innate needs. Be it the lust to create or to destroy, we cannot control that which compels us.
Thankfully, with many cases it’s the former, epitomized in Toronto-bred alternative rockers A Primitive Evolution (A.P.E.). An authoritative trio spawned from the demise of celebrated outfits Lye and Aphasia, this five year-old collective revels in its ability to destroy barriers by conceiving inimitable, impacting and provocative music. From their independent eponymous 2009 affair through to forthcoming effort The Prize (Playdead Cult Records), A Primitive Evolution has blossomed into a matchless force.

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2012 A Primitive Evolution - The Prize
A Primitive Evolution
The Prize
Sep 2012
Noah Mintz