All These Runners



[FromĀ Facebook]”Though I only caught their last three songs, All These Runners floored me, particularly their last song, entitled The Kill, which has yet to have been released. To me, All These Runners are about as far under the radar as any band could be, and to be honest, it was the highlight of my day catching the end of their set. Though it was only three songs, the close of their set was the best music I had seen all day. After their set ended, I was able to get a few words in with lead singer Tony Hunt and keyboardist John Kim. All These Runners’ sound can best be described as post-punk art-pop, the kind of music that you might hear if you dig on Bahamas, Destroyer or Washed Out for example. It’s really New Romanticism for lack of a better description, with musical hooks that are just as strong, if not stronger, than the lyrical hooks they are built around. More importantly, All These Runners have a very polished sound — and though that may seem like an unremarkable declaration — it speaks volumes as to the flawlessness of their performance. Someone once said that if you know nothing about diamonds they are just shiny rocks. The same could be said of All These Runners. You can go to their Facebook or Bandcamp page for a taste of their music if you like, there are two songs for download and they’re worth getting. Their recorded music is very good, no doubt. But you’d be better served to catch them in a live setting where their music will absolutely engulf and swallow you and then you can formulate a more honest opinion of the band. Discovering music is a great thing. AllThese Runners is a great, great find.”

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All These Runners
Vacation Days
Sep 2012
Noah Mintz