[From Facebook] Alynthia is a praise & worship leader like no other. Marked by her angelic vocals, Alynthia possesses a unique sound that can easily be identified in a crowd. A true worshipper at heart, her desire is to glorify the Lord through the simplicity and authenticity of her worship.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Alynthia began singing in the Church at an early age and accepted the call of God on her life in young adulthood. She has since served as a worship leader at Progress Church of God, Rhema Christian Ministries and Lead Worshiper at her home church, Kingsway Community Life Centre, under the leadership of Pastor Richard and First Lady Paula Brown.

A worship leader, singer and songwriter, and 2 time GMA 2013 Covenant Award Nominee; Alynthia desires to break through the cultural boundaries of “Church Music” and introduce the world to a new sound. This sound transcends race, creed and color; and reflects the very heart of heaven. Her passion is to offer pure worship to the Lord; worship that is void of human engineering and is an accurate reflection of God’s heart and the type of worship that He desires.

Alynthia is no stranger to the professional stage. She has served as a background vocalist for artists such as Richard J. Brown, Echoes of Praise and Jermaine Shakespeare. Alynthia is also a featured vocalist on musical projects such as Gospel’s Dynamic Duets, Worship Without Apology and various other collaborations. Through these valuable experiences, Alynthia has gained much of the musical expertise that has lead to the recording of her long-awaited solo project. Produced by husband and fellow musical artist Stephen Lewis, I AM GOD, Alynthia’s debut album was released in April 2013.

Alynthia is an artist that simply loves the Lord and wants nothing more than to exalt Him though her gift. Though she has faced many obstacles in life, Alynthia remains steadfast in her faith and continues to make an impact through her music ministry. She has vowed to live a life of worship at all times and in every season. Her voice, often described as angelic, leaves an indelible imprint on the heart of every listener. She delivers a pure and flawless worship to the Lord and will continue to minster to generations to come.

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I Am God
Apr 2013
Phil Demetro