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ad2[From CBC3] Prolific Toronto based singer/songwriter Andrew DeVillers has released four records in the past four years. Beginning with the 2005 self-titled E.P. by gritty indie rock band The Exchanges, there has been a diverse sonic path carved en route to his most recent solo release.
As principal songwriter and lead vocalist/guitarist in The Exchanges, DeVillers’ cloaked his acoustic penned tunes in adult doses of crunch and volume. Aided in his efforts by like-minded cohorts’ drummer Rob Balon and bass player Jeff Dowdall, The Exchanges can be heard at their finest on full-length 2006 release ‘How Far Down’. After 3 years of touring, international distribution, and the acclaim of many of their can-rock heroes The Exchanges found themselves pulled in different directions.Not wanting to sit idle DeVillers went up to the attic and wrote/recorded a full album of new acoustic tunes in February 2007 called ‘Highway 11′ in homage to his northern roots. Completely independent of the band, management, label and distribution DeVillers silk-screened a couple hundred discs booked up a seven week tour of eastern Canada and hit the road for the summer. The tour was a formative experience as a solo artist and solidified his commitment to soldiering on no matter the odds.Back in Toronto his resolve strengthened and spirits bolstered by signing a record deal with Sunny Lane Records, the musical direction for the next record was none too clear. DeVillers knew he didn’t want to do another acoustic record but was still without a consistent band. All the while the work-a-day world of city life was taking its toll on his focus and seemed to pull him further away from his goals. Escaping to Nepal in the spring 2008 work on the record really started to progress. Having time and space to focus on writing, new material came quickly and easily as did a vision for the direction of the record. The environment abroad proved refreshing and deeply inspirational. Upon return recording quickly took shape with help from The Exchanges’ Jeff Dowdall, who’s co-producing and multi-instrumental wizardry added colour to the mix. Tracked over two months at Sterling Sound Productions, the mood was lively as almost a dozen of DeVillers many talented musical friends performed on the sessions, a few of whom will be joining him on the road. The self-titled new record combines the extremes of The Exchanges with the hushed intimacy of Highway 11 hitting all points in between and was released in September 2008.

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Andrew Devillers
Andrew Devillers
Jul 2008
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