Andrew Johnston


[From Original Website] Andrew Johnston has been a fixture on the Montreal music scene for many years. After growing up in Ottawa and moving to Montreal to study music at Concordia University, Andrew founded the group the Gentlemen’s Club in 2005. The group released two critically acclaimed albums, “The Servant” and “The End of the Golden Age” before disbanding in late 2006. In 2006 Andrew started releasing music under the moniker Andrew Vs. the Enabler followed by releases under his own name. During this period Andrew released several albums including Leader’s Factory and Ashton. He also recorded with other artists, including a collaboration with Montreal singer songwriter JF Robitaille on the album Calendar.

In October 2011 Andrew released The Wake of the Wonder Years. The ambitious and wide-ranging productions on the album were performed by some of Canada’s finest musicians, including drummer George Donosso (High Dials, Sam Roberts, the Dears), bassist Alex Lapointe (Jason Bajada), and singer Amanda Mabro. The album, with its original mix of indie rock, folk and 80s pop, was highly personal and documented a difficult period in Andrew’s life when he was struggling with relationships, and his musical future. Inspired by Andrew’s peers in the Montreal music scene, and elements of 80s pop hits, the album was a critical success, with everybody from Relix to Baeble music coming onboard to provide glowing reviews.

On November 15th 2012 Andrew invited his fans to be part of a historic evening of recording at Montreal’s Piranha Bar. Accompanied by his 5 piece band the Hurricane, Andrew reminded the audience that ambitious, loud rock and roll music in the style of Bruce Springsteen and the E street Band, or Wilco, is alive and well in Montreal. The resulting album “Liars, Cheaters, Thieves: Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane Live at Piranha Bar” documents a band really coming into its own after a year of Canadian gigs.

On May 3rd 2013 Andrew released the 7 inch vinyl single for Teenage Paws, the result of a remix competition hosted by the internationally renowned site, Indaba music. Many talented people from around the world participated in the contest by remixing the track Teenage Paws in a great variety of different styles! In the end, Fernando Perdomo, multi-instrumentalist and producer from L.A, took top honours and his winning remix is featured on side B of the vinyl.

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