Arash Behzadi


[From Last FM] Pianist and composer, Arash Behzadi, has continued sharing his passion for music with his past two albums “Aram-e Del (Serenity of the Heart) I & II” released over the past 4 years since 2009. These rich and gratifying melodies bring back and rejuvenate the memorable moments of the past and touch the hearts of many people around the world. Arash’s re-arrangement of these everlasting melodies, with his signature romantic touch, reflect his interpretations towards these artistic pieces with an added color and refreshed scent while maintaining the authentic character and integrity of these melodies.  Aram-e Del (Serenity of the Heart) II includes a new set of eternal and beloved pieces and pays tribute to creators of them, which have special meaning to many lovers of Persian music. This album also includes joyful and happy melodies of two of Arash’s own original compositions. Each track of this album is rooted to deepest emotions of Arash, expressing happiness, nostalgia, romance and hope, during arrangement and performance of these pieces. Music is the soundtrack of Arash’s life and his emotional pieces do everything from adding serenity to listener’s hearts and souls, captivating people falling in love, easing the pains, and bringing back sweet or nostalgic memories. It’s amazing to imagine what lasting effects a simple melody can have on emotions and lives.

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Arash Behzadi
Aram E Del
Jan 2010
George Graves