Ariane Moffatt


amoff2[From Wikipedia] Ariane Moffatt (born 26 April 1979) is a Québécoise singer-songwriter. Known for working across multiple musical genres, Moffatt’s music combines elements of electronica, jazz, folk, and pop. A francophone, she is bilingual and has recorded tracks in both French and English. Her 2002 debut album Aquanaute went platinum in Quebec, earning 11 nominations at the 2003 ADISQ Awards and winning three Félix awards (for Discovery of the Year, Album of the Year – Pop/Rock, and Album Producer of the Year). She is known in Quebec for two well-received singles from Aquanaute: “La barricade” and “Dans un océan”.

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2012 Ariane Moffatt - MA Remix
Ariane Moffatt
MA Remix
Nov 2012
Noah Mintz