Bed Of Stars


[From Facebook] Bed Of Stars won’t be joining his peers in the vast sea of content forever floating in the online abyss because, quite simply; Bed of Stars is that rarest of gems – the true musical brilliance that the world so rarely sees. This is the outlet for the passionate and talented Evan Konrad, a twenty-two-year old prodigy from British Columbia with a flare for sensationalizing the emotive qualities of music. A multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocal perfectionist, his influences draw heavily from swooning chanteurs such as Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

After spending his formative years absorbed in assembling home-made bedroom recordings, he drew the attention of Juno-nominated producer Daniel Victor, the critically acclaimed entity behind the chart topping collaborative project known as Neverending White Lights. Victor was vastly intrigued by Konrad’s vocal abilities, melodic songwriting, and ambitious musical perspective – immediately signing Bed of Stars to his Ocean Records imprint. This magical partnership soon flourished and resulted in the savvy debut release ‘I Fell In Love In The City”

His many sides and shapes are only early signs of what Bed of Stars will have to offer during the long-winded flight of his discography. Quite simply, as Victor puts it; “He’s what the world has been missing for a long time – True talent and ability that will breed longevity as an artist. This is something we’ve grown desperate for.”

I Fell In Love In The City is a glorious balancing act between intense musicality and creative storytelling, using melancholy as its brace. It covers a lot of ground for a young artist and will surely set the bar for those following in his footsteps – a path that will be become increasingly difficult to follow.

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Bed Of Stars
I Fell In Love In The City
Jun 2013
Phil Demetro