Bedouin Soundclash


[From Official Website] The horizon. Where things end, where things begin, and the point where possibilities are limitless.
Inspired decision, then, that Juno Award-winning trio Bedouin Soundclash should choose to dub their latest collection of west-friendly, world-pop Light the Horizon. Inspired. And fitting. “This record is really looking forward,” says vocalist Jay Malinowski. “It’s from the point where we don’t have any baggage from the past. We’re just genuinely in the moment with this record, for the first time in a long time.” Soundclash co-founder and bassist Eon Sinclair agrees. “It’s a really optimistic and hopeful record,” he says. “That’s been said about some of the stuff we’ve done in the past, but this time we’re just feeling more self-assured and more confident in doing what it is that we do in Bedouin Soundclash. It’s positive and optimistic and forward-looking.”

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Bedouin Soundclash
Light the Horizon
Sep 2010
Phil Demetro