Boxer the Horse


boxer2[From Official Website] “Floats like Weezer’s ‘Butterfly,’ stings like GBV’s Bee Thousand!” — Caesar “The Horse” Drake
Though many infer that Boxer The Horse take their name from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, this is a false fact. In reality, the band was named after Charlottetown boxer Caesar “The Horse” Drake, Prince Edward Island’s undefeated welter-weight champion, who gave them effusive praise in their early years.
Overhearing the band’s music while training in the same barn in which they practiced, expletive-laden encouragement from this leprechaunish fighting-Irishman propelled the band to take their music to the patrons of Charlottetown’s finest drinking establishments, who spat out clouds of brandy in astonishment at the young musicians’ ability to meld 60’s jangle-pop and 90’s alternative. As audiences rushed to inform the nation’s media of the new musical act via word-of-mouth, telegraph, passenger pigeon, and Facebook, the band scrimped and scrounged to travel to Halifax, Montreal, and Toronto, receiving accolades and the occasional motivational free beer.
They released their first full-length record Would You Please in 2010, featuring the hit single “Mary Meets The Pilot” that was described by one reviewer as “a well-timed jibe at aviators.” This was followed by French Residency in 2012, which imagines the band down and out in Paris (this reference is also completely unrelated to Orwell). The band’s line-up has juggled members and who-plays-what, but all reviewers seemed to concur that drummer Isaac “Snake” Neily was responsible for what they called French Residency‘s “tasty licks.”
As the band peers into their crystal ball (read: a marble they found in the gutter in front of their favorite Lebanese restaurant), they see shadow-y threats, unimaginable victories, and general colorful swirling about. But through it all, what will matter most will be the music, and their mini-van not dying on the highway.

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