Brown Brigade


Brown+Brigade[From Wikipedia] Brown Brigade is a reggae-influenced heavy metal band created by former Sum 41 guitarist Dave “Brownsound” Baksh, after leaving Sum 41 in May 2006. The current members are: Dave “Brownsound” Baksh, (vocals, guitar), Vaughn Lal (bass, backing vocals), Johnny Owens (drums), Chuck Coles (guitar), and Cess Rock (live percussion).Dave Baksh, ex-lead guitarist of Canadian punk band Sum 41, formed Brown Brigade as a side-project with his cousin Vaughn Lal in 2003. The existence of the band was brought into the spotlight on May 11, 2006, when Baksh announced he would be leaving Sum 41 to focus his full attention on Brown Brigade. Baksh noted several reasons as to why he left Sum 41, in an interview with MTV published on June 8, 2006. He stated that he was displeased with how Sum 41 was being treated by the music industry, and said he wasn’t able to focus enough on simply playing music. He also noted that he found Sum 41’s music relatively easy to play, while also noting he did not mean to insult their music.
Brown Brigade was said to be a heavy metal band with a classic metal sound, which is the music that Baksh has been longing to write and play since childhood. The music of the band is expected to be comparable to the sound of Iron Maiden, said Baksh then.
According to a May 2006 article in Rolling Stone, Brown Brigade also recruited drummer Johnny Owens, guitarist Craig “The Craigulator” Pattison (Baksh’s guitar tech with Sum 41), and percussionist Cess Rock. Dave Baksh also stated that the band will have their own mascot much like Iron Maiden with Eddie the Head and Megadeth with Vic Rattlehead. The mascot the band chose was called “the Brown Knight” and he since then appeared in the band’s music video for “Aggravation Plantation”.
The band was signed to Aquarius Records in September 2006. Not long after, the band’s official website was updated with the band’s logo and the debut EP title Appetizer for Destruction, a reference to the Guns N’ Roses album Appetite for Destruction. The EP was released in October 2006 and sold exclusively on the band’s live shows supporting Pennywise on their Canadian tour.

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Brown Brigade
Into The Mouth Of Badd(d)ness
Sep 2007
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