Capitol Six


capitol6[From CBC3] Capitol 6 is a psychedelic folk-rock band based out of Vancouver BC, Canada. Their off-kilter hypnotic pop music is influenced by late 60’s bands like The Velvet Underground or 13th Floor Elevators, but their song writing owes more Neil Young or Big Star. May 3rd saw the release of their debut EP on Vancouver label Light Organ Records. The five song EP, available on ten inch vinyl only, was recorded in one over-night session with Tanis Gibbons at The Hive Creative Labs. It ranges from care-free rockers like ‘Sure Can Pretend’ and the Basment Tapes-esque ‘Captain Rehab’ to downer ballads like closer ‘This World Goes By So Slow’.
Their latest seven inch, Fever, is a mellower take on psych-folk a la Velvet Underground’s Pale Blue Eyes. Recorded at The Tone Shed in little India in Vancouver, Fever slows thing down and leaves more room for some bummer lyrics and a haunted slide guitar melody. The B-side, Henry’s Opus, plays out like some kind of Phil Spector ballad gone wrong. Together, they present a more focused idea of where Capitol 6 is headed, and mark their first real session as a band.

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2011 Capitol Six - Fever
Capitol Six
Fever/Henry's Opus
Aug 2011
Noah Mintz