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ca2[From Official Website] Cody Allen now stands at the precipice of the world’s stage. The beauty of Cody’s music can be seen in its evolution
concurrent to his character and sincerity.
Releasing his first album “Little Things Mean So Much” in 2006, Cody Allen has progressed from a young up and coming talent into an electrifying and diverse musician, having embraced venues both big and small across Canada. In travelling all over the country and sharing the stage with some of Canada’s musical heavyweights such as Default, the Tragically Hip and Blue Rodeo, Cody Allen has made a name for himself as a thrilling live performer, with club owners and promoters describing the band as “exhilarating” and “one of Canada’s best kept secrets”.
With the advent of his second album “We Know How To Love”, released in March 2009 to raved reviews with the hit singles “One Thing After Another” & “Ready To Go”, Cody and his band were booking over 200 shows across Canada. When asked, fans of the Cody Allen Band said they often appreciate the passion emanating from the artists, and share in the love of music that is clearly felt at all the band’s performances. That is of course in addition to the stellar musical talent that is on display.
Since the second album Cody and his band have blossomed into a powerful trio whose explosive live shows have earned them a devout following. Cody Allen creates a gutsy sound that takes after popular acts such as Our Lady Peace, Dave Matthews Band, Kings of Leon and Mumford and Sons. Allen who professed a love for rock and folk, at a very young age, decided to make music that sounded loud and proud, taking music that is often considered to be mellow and delicate, and fill it with passion, electricity and confidence. The incredible energy from his 3 piece trio draws crowds in quickly to his circle of songs and to the warmth of his stories, which makes him a distinct and original artist.
In late 2010, Cody moved back home to the rustic country setting of Northern Ontario to focus on his highly anticipated new album “All Is Not Lost” which was released across Canada in June 2011. Shut away from the vices of technology, and with very little interaction with the outside world, the new album took on a very personal feel and embodied the heartaches that Allen endured over his young life. With all vocal tracks recorded in one take the emotional content of the album reverberates through the music.
Allen’s meteoric rise caught the attention of French producer and musician, Shawn Sasyniuk, who jumped on board to work closely with Cody on his new project. Sasyniuk, a veteran musician brought a new and interesting twist to the new music being created with a focus on Allen’s inspiring and heart-warming melodies.
“All Is Not Lost” has a big and loud sound, focusing on Cody’s distinctive voice and creative guitar playing. The music has been described as being full of energy and insight. From the Led Zeppelin-ish track “Long Gone”, to catchy folk songs “If This Takes All Night” & “What You Do To Me” that were written while on tour, the new album is nothing short of a stellar performance and honesty from the young singer.

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Cody Allen
We Know How to Love
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