Craig Stickland

Portrait of Craig Strickland

[From Original Website] Craig Stickland is a singer songwriter from Toronto, Ontario who has perfected a style of harmony-driven introspective pop. “Music’s been a part of my life since I can remember,” says Craig. “Before I ever picked up a guitar, I sang in high school cover bands. I was 16 when I started writing my own stuff”.

Fast forward a few years to Craig getting interest from various prominent North American record labels and industry contacts. Through those contacts, Craig ended up meeting Erik Alcock and in 2007 they formed We Are The Take. During the time the band was together, the well-known Toronto duo had the noteworthy opportunity to work with Grammy Award-winning producer David Bottrill (Silverchair, Tool, Muse). However, at the end of 2010 Craig and Erik decided to move forward separately to pursue different interests.

Craig began working on a solo project. “I started writing my own stuff again, focusing on what I wanted to sound like,” says Craig. “Never compromise, and never settle.”

Craig on writing as a solo artist for the first time – “I love making music solo because when you’re writing by yourself, ideas are started from the seed that is just picking up a guitar and strumming a chord and singing a melody over it, or playing piano and doing that. It gets the creative process flowing naturally. Rarely do I pick up my electric guitar and turn up the distortion to 11 and write a song (laughs).”

Craig’s live performances pull a dedicated fan base from throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas. Going to a Craig Stickland performance feels like being brought into a community, or into a good group of friends. The fans are captivated by Craig’s presence and what’s happening on stage, whether it’s a ten-piece or three piece band in a crowded bar, or an intimate stripped down acoustic performance. All eyes and ears are on Craig Stickland. Hearing Craig describe the music, it’s not hard to understand why.
“I feel like I could reach a lot of people. I just want to find way to get it out there. I feel like a lot of people will relate to my music, to these feelings and emotions that I write about. Each song I write is different and I want people to make their own interpretations. That’s the great thing about music.”

Craig’s journey into a solo career has most recently lead to signing with veteran music manager Chris Smith of 21 Music (Fefe Dobson, Kreesha Turner, Nelly Furtado). His most current accolades also include having his work featured on national and international campaigns such as Mc Donald’s, Tim Horton’s and Muller Yogurt. Craig has also appeared in several movies and TV shows such as Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Being Erica, Lost Girl and Degrassi The Next Generation to name a few.

Today, you can find Craig in the studio where he has recorded over 30 songs for his debut album. The records range from heartfelt ballads about the state of the world, to autobiographical story-telling songs about relationships, to up-tempo driven pop songs. For the album, Craig is working with Producer James Robertson (Esthero, Down With Webster) at the stunning Heritage Studios just outside of Toronto, in Streetsville, Ontario.

Wanting to find a different sound then what they were hearing on mainstream pop radio, James and Craig set out to record an organic record with beautiful textures, sweeping string lines, layered harmonies, and with the main focus being on the craft of songwriting. At first listen, the record has a very classic sound to it, but with the unique soulful spin and pop sentiments woven throughout, it’s clear the songs won’t have any trouble keeping up with anything on the radio. This album is one to look out for.

Stay tuned.

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