Devin and The Dark Light



Devin and the Dark Light began as a solo project by Devin Hentsch that encompassed lo-fi folk, spacey country, emotional punk and Beach Boy pop/rock recording sensibilities.

Their self-titled seminal release in 2006 and sophomore release of Summer Vampires in the winter of 2007 echo their early and current influences:

Nick Drake, The Who, The Shins, The Cars, Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Wilco, Bob Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel, Robin Hitchcock and Pink Floyd.

All share a similar heart with Devin and the Dark Light when it comes to capturing emotionally involved song-writing veiled in amusing and abstract lyrics.

Conceptually their music attempts to disrupt it’s own pop sensibilities by meshing tender moments of drone and twang with rise-above rock anthems. Not only does this idea wink at their Dark Light namesake, it is this same roller coaster of dynamics, the ebb and flow in their music and performance, that has resonated with audiences around Ontario and Quebec.

Fake Spring, due June 2013, is the modern rock quartet’s third album. Recorded with Greg Dawson of Moneen & The Arkells fame, this full-length release straddles the trench between the band’s established psychedelic folk leanings & the foothills of the stadium rock monolith. With subject matter ranging from real-estate concerns to the bygone world of the Holocene, ‘Fake Spring’ is an epic ear-movie in glorious technicolour!

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Devin and The Dark Light
The Shining Maze
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