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don cash

[From Wikipedia] Rap artist/record producer Don Cash was born April 6, 1978, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, a suburb northwest of Toronto.
In 2001, after several years working as a teenage pop journalist in Toronto, Cash decided to focus on writing and producing songs at home on his computer, releasing at least ten known full-length CD-R albums in downtown Toronto and New York City. Though distribution was unofficial and limited, news of the works by the young artist spread. By 2004, Cash had been featured in The Fader magazine and had gained many high-profile friends and admirers in the avant-garde pop music scene including James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem and DFA Records.
Precise descriptions of Don Cash’s music have long confounded critics and observers. Most of his songs draw on varying elements commonly associated with, but not limited to, hip-hop, rock and electro. In 2004, The Fader’s, Knox Robinson, christened Cash’s sound “afroclash,” a play on the “electroclash” trend sweeping the New York underground. Cash himself claimed in several 2007 interviews, that his music was simply rock & roll, though he allowed that it could be dubbed “new wave rap” if one were desperate to find a correct classification for his musical style.
In 2006, Cash released the album On The Bus on his Stereoeagle label. The debut work, which contained the club hits “Star Dust” and “Don’t Crash”, caught the attention of Berlin label boss and dj/producer Headman, who signed Cash to his indie electro imprint, Relish
Cash released the album II in 2007, via Relish and had success with “Disco Wreck” and “Hey There”, while being remixed by Zongamin and Street Life DJs. The album was a hit with critics and audiences alike, garnering raves in The Sunday Times, i-D magazine and NME.
Don Cash spent 2008 touring in Europe, while writing and recording some 40 or 50 new songs. Freshy Fresh, Cash’s third full length effort, was released in May 2010 on URBNET Records in partnership with Stereoeagle.
In November 2010, Don Cash quickly followed up Freshy Fresh by releasing Unbreakable on stereoeagle/URBNET. Containing 15 new songs written and produced by the artist, Unbreakable is Cash’s first all rap LP in almost ten years.

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2006 Don Cash - Stardust EP
Don Cash
Jul 2006
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