Donna O’Connor


[From Facebook] Donna’s career spans over three decades of live and studio singing, as well as producing and arranging for herself and other artists. Parallels have been drawn to Jann Arden & Joni Mitchell to name a few.
Mark Shannon, producer and artist says, “Donna is one the the best Contemporary Singers live or in the studio.”
Always in her heart, beats a truly unique Canadian Artist. “I am the daughter of Mr. O Canada (Dillon- dubbed by Robert Stanfield) after all”.
Since her childhood she has had an unusual devotion to Canadiana, “it starts with Mr. Dressup” theme by her teacher and mentor Donald Himes, moves on through to Dr. Music, the singers of Music Machine, to Friday nights with Tommy Hunter.” And a youth spent with the Guess Who, Lighthouse, Anne Murray.
She successfully toured Canada during the 80′s with Hostage. Her then manager Gilles Lapointe said “everyone wants to hear Donna” even Shania Twain, came to hear ” The Sweetheart of Sudbury” (dubbed by the Sudbury Star ).

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Donna O’Connor
Does Your Mother Know
Aug 2012
Phil Demetro