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[From CBC3] GALORE is a rock and roll band from Toronto. Formed from the ashes of several Canadian indie-darling bands (among them, Halifax’s Cool Blue Halo and Vancouver’s John Ford), GALORE is comprised of Barry Walsh (lead vocals, guitar), Kevin Hilliard (bass, vocals), Paul Kehayas (guitar, vocals) and Tim Timleck (drums). The band has built up a reputation over the past year for being a storming live act with a fondness for volume, high kicks and melody, cemented by opening gigs for rock’n’rollers such as Jet, Matt Mays & El Torpedo, The Killers, and bills with Toronto pals such as Crash Kelly. GALORE’s debut album ‘Parader’ (available across Canada and Europe) was an ecstatic love letter to rock’n’roll – compulsive, driving melodies in the tradition of Sticky Fingers-era Stones and Alladin Sane-style Bowie. Eye Weekly gave the album four stars on the strength of its “teenage kicks and kisses,” and Chart Magazine called it “the perfect summer record.” The ante is upped with the band’s new album, ‘Amplifier’, released through Toronto-based Bhurr Records and distributed by Fontana North/ Universal Music Canada. Produced by Moe Berg, leader of seminal Canuck rockers The Pursuit of Happiness, the band has tapped into their inner Cheap Trick, melding the power-pop punch of a classic like ‘Heaven Tonight’ with a swagger and cowbell-banging boogie reminiscent of Urge Overkill’s 90s classic ‘Saturation’. In other words, it’s a rock’n’roll album.

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2006 Galore - Amplifier
Mar 2006
Noah Mintz