[From Official Facebook] Rock. Two guitars, bass, drums. Songs with hooks. No Macs just stacks. The way it was, the way it should be. Whether they are sharing a stage in Toronto with Thin Lizzy or headlining The Seahorse Tavern in Halifax these boys from Fall River, Nova Scotia always deliver. In spades. Years of listening to Alice Cooper, The Ramones and Iggy Pop shaped their sound and being on the road whipped it in to shape. With a debut album under their belts, the ECMA nominated “Leave It Alone”, the four high school band mates took up residency in Toronto last year to both impress the masses and record their second record. With fellow Haligonian Laurence Currie at the helms Gloryhound recorded “Electric Dusk”. On the strength of that recording, and a no holds barred sonic blast of a live performance, the band was signed to the prestigious Agency Group by company president Ralph James. Hundreds of gigs have followed and the band have shared stages with Thornley, The Creep Show, Anvil, The Sheep Dogs and played such events as Canadian Music Fest, NorthByNorthEast and JunoFest (in both Toronto and St. John’s). After another summer tearing up Toronto, the band is back to the East Coast for the Fall of 2011 where they will record, play and create mayhem as only Gloryhound can.

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Gloryhound - album
Electric Dusk
Dec 2011
Noah Mintz