Greg Wyard


[From Official Website] Greg Wyard is a quadruple threat – a singer, a songwriter and a guitar and bass player – who has been doing all four from the age of 10. Since moving from his native England when he was 13, he has earned a reputation around Toronto as a solid solo performer, received a music degree from McGill University, and released two original CDs from which his songs “Something I made up” and “What are you trying to prove” both placed in the Standard Radio National songwriting competition. His collaboration with filmmaker Marc Morgenstern and lyricist Len Sussman for the song “What makes a man”, gave him a Platinum award at Houston’s World West in 2007.

Unapologetically melodic in his writing, Greg’s songs can’t escape the influences of the music that shaped him – The Beatles, Crowded House, Squeeze – and he loves to write pop songs that surprise you with intricate little guitar lines here or an unexpected key change there. A musical sponge claiming to know several hundred songs, he is well known for his stripped-down live solo renditions of cover songs usually only attempted by full bands – his acoustic version of Bohemian Rhapsody currently has 17,400 hits on YouTube!

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Greg Wyard
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