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Hoszia[From Hoszia Hinds Music Ministries] A Barbados native, Hoszia Hinds is recognized as one of the new breakout artists from the Caribbean. His music versatility in a multitude of genres: Christian/Gospel Reggae, Worship, Pop, Soul, R&B, Alternative, Urban and Contemporary, has led him into international waters with several music videos being rotated on the Gospel Music Channel, Tempo, MTV, BET Gospel, JCTV, The Word Network, CTSTV.com, CBC.bb, TCT Network, Doerstv.com, Life 100.3FM, Joy 1250AM, K-Love, ATLPraisehouse, Tehillia Radio, Cita Radio, and other Television and Radio Networks worldwide.

In June 2012, Hoszia received an interesting call from the Canadian Label Sonorous Entertainment, where he subsequently met with the CEO Ivan Calvric and Stephen Taubb, who were so impressed with his Artistic approach, image, and music, in their opinion Hoszia is the complete package, they offered him an Album Deal with the record label. Hoszia is currently signed to the Canadian Record Label: Sonorous Entertainment which occurred on his Birthday, a great way to celebrate his new transition in the music world. (for more information go to www.sonorousentertainment.com)

Hoszia began his journey of singing from as early as 10 years, he always loved to sing, but didn’t want to sing other people’s songs, he spent long evenings, creating and writing his own music to whatever was going on in his head.

Hoszia’s younger days were days of struggle and hardship, as he tried to maintain provision for his other 12 siblings, he grew up in some difficult times, which had easily entwined him to his former gangster lifestyle, and there were many negative influences that pushed him down the wrong pathway of life. One day he got into a brutal altercation with another man causing him to be seriously harmed, fainting out unconsciously, when he awoke, he found himself with an almost severed hand, and tremendous blood lost in an operation room in a local hospital, while there in the room, a voice spoke to him, at first he thought it was a nurse, but after looking around in the room, he saw no one, and fell back in the bed, a few seconds later he heard the same voice, that said “Hoszia it is time to serve me the Living God,” when Hoszia regained strength he was startled at the fact that God spoke directly to him and he knew that this was the turning point for his life, he gave his Life completely to the Lord in 1996. Although he felt he made the right choice and became a Christian, the environment around him tugged at his heart, he battled with the mind and the pleasures of this world, but he was determined to be a strong God-fearing Christian and willed himself to the things of God. He had a desire to do God’s work even though he was faced with poverty, he continued on his journey in pursuit of the King of Kings, to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.

Hoszia saw his wife at age 10 and claimed her to be his (between him and God) he later saw her again at age 14 and said “hi” to her and he knew in his heart this girl will be his someday, at age 16 he was invited to a church called “Power In The Blood Assembly” to his great surprise he saw this girl again there, Hoszia new that he and this girl was destined together. In January 2002, he married her “Tracy” then 20 years and he was 21 years, his relationship to his wife is great, respectful, honourable, faithful and God controlling, he added his first and only child – a Son “Treszia” to his family in 2007, his marriage have grown stronger and loving each day. Hoszia and his family are current members of the “THE PEOPLES CATHEDRAL CHURCH (www.peoplescathedral.org) under the guidance of Bishop Holmes Williams and Senior Pastor Andre Symmonds, Hoszia’s holds the post of AMBASSADOR and YOUTH LEADER for this church and he holds Evangelical Pastoral Ordination under Embassy International Ministries (USA) a direct affiliated with The House of God (Barbados), under the leadership of Apostle Jacqueline Cumberbatch. Hoszia is currently pursuing his studies in Biblical Studies.

Hoszia Hinds has been the eyes of the media with great exposure and promotions through radio interviews, television interviews, recordings and newspapers features, and various websites. He ministered at several Crusades, Missions, Churches, and Events in Caribbean, Canada, USA and Europe, where people in hundreds to thousands came and soaked into his Ministry as he sang or preached.

Hoszia Hinds is focused on proclaiming Jesus in his music ministry while impacting a generation with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. He has great passion for his music and ministry, that’s why he ministers passionately and he is not ashamed to proclaim the name of Jesus to everyone in this world professionally. Hoszia is determined to reach the Top and is prepared to progress no matter what comes his way. For with God All things are possible.
Hoszia Hinds pioneered as a solo artiste and released several Singles and Albums.
Hoszia Hinds is prepared to continue his journey on International waters.

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Hoszia Hinds
On My Way - EP
Nov 2012
Phil Demetro