James Woods


james woods2[From Facebook] (Translated from French) A native of Montreal, J. A. WOODS, young prodigy alternative rock musician, began performing at the age of 13 years. Self-taught, he first learned the piano and the guitar and singing. Accompanied by a group of musicians, he will perform in various secondary schools in the Montreal area.His influences are varied: from Led Zeppelin to Elton John, to the Strokes, Feist, Keane, J. Leonard Cohen A. WOODS is a true music lover. He began his first compositions at the age of 16 years and some of his songs will be chosen for the soundtrack of the film and then Summer and film Hatley High, both directed by Phil Price, produced and distributed by Seville Philms ..True artist at heart, this flirtation with the movies will only the beginnings of an acting career. From the age of 19 years, J. A. WOODS enrolled at the famous school of Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York, training that will lead to play both for television and film. Today represented by MCM Agency in Montreal, Steve Glick Agency in Los Angeles and The Charactors in Toronto, J. A. WOODS play alongside Ricky Schroder, Ben Cross, Robert England, Kathleen Robertson, Billy Baldwin, Clea Duvall, Neve Campbell, Billy Burke to name a few. He received his first nomination in 2007 for Best Ensemble Cast for playing in the comedy The Business, a miniseries TMN in Canada and IFC in the United States. Soon, you can see him play in the next series of Lance et compte. His musical career took a decisive turn in 2004 when François Mario Labbé decided, personally, to his musical career in hand. Therefore, parallel seen in some scenes Montreal (Electric Snatches, Café Campus, Missy Bar, The Green Room / Main Hall) and a disc project takes shape. For two years, J. A. WOODS lécriture focuses on a new self-titled album. His immense talent lamène to all arrangements and to make every voice. He surrounded himself with renowned professionals: the realization was entrusted to Scott Price (Celine Dion, Westerners, Roch Voisine, Éric Lapointe) and the album was mixed with Glen Robinson (Tori Amos, The Tea Party, Voivod) and mastering with Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk famous studio in New York. The musicians who participated in the recording are: Pierre Hebert on drums, Sylvain Bolduc on bass, Jeff Smallwood and Gregory Pack guitars. As for the string section, we find the violin Philippe Dunnigan, Chantal Bergeron, Edith Pedneault, Mélanie Bélair and Monique Poitras, and lalto Yukari Cousineau and finally the cellos Carla Antoun and Theresa Ryan. Perfectly bilingual to have attended both the French than English schools in Quebec, J. A. WOODS first chooses to speak English on the new self-titled album the rhythm soft alternative rock. Its rich dune texts, we sometimes speak damour, sometimes more focused on company matters. His melodies are catchy and sweet voice transports us into a world where ambiance is warm, rhythmic and relaxing. J. A. WOODS Woods, an artist to discover …

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2010 James Woods - Lef & Handed
James Woods
Left & Handed
Jun 2010
Noah Mintz