Jeff Carl


[From] Jeff Carl comes from an extremely talented family. If you’ve spent time in Lynchburg, chances are you’ve heard of one of the Carl brothers, or at least know some of their work. Jeff is originally from Corning, NY but has since become a Lynchburg-based artist. In August of last year he released his first recording project, a five-song EP produced by Jeff Quimby. What Jeff might be most well-known for is his song, “Here I’m Home”, in which he pays homage to the great city of Lynchburg. The track is accompanied by a stellar music video directed by the extremely talented DuckDuck Collective. You can see Jeff in concert around town; he’s been known to put on some incredible loft shows! Not only is Jeff incredibly talented, but he’s also very cool. So much so that he’s giving away his new EP for FREE, which you can download here! Be sure to say hello to Jeff! You can check out Jeff’s YouTube channel, follow him on Twitter, and like his Facebook page.

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