Jesse And The Dandelions


[From Official Website] There are two sides to every story. Light and dark, good and evil, life and death. This inherent contrast of the world and the struggle for finding some balance in between shapes the emotional content of Jesse and the Dandelions’ touchingly personal yet widely relatable new album A Mutual Understanding.

With Jesse and the Dandelions’ production values maturing alongside the content, the new album A Mutual Understanding is enriched with classic synth and drum machine textures that pays respect to the past, while forging their own unique path forward. String sections and heavily layered vocal harmonies push accessible pop hooks into more psychedelically complex and intriguing harmonic territory that rewards repeat listeners by continuing to engage them fully with each spin.

Jesse and the Dandelions have recently showcased at Untapped Alberta, BreakOut West and South Country Fair, while also sharing stages at club dates with groups such as Hollerado, July Talk, Rah Rah and Hey Ocean! They have also hit #47 on the National Earshot charts and have released an auto-biographical comic book.

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Jesse And The Dandelions
A Mutual Understanding
Oct 2013
Noah Mintz