Julian Taylor Band


[From Official Website] Persistence and a never-give-up, hard-working ethic are two traits at the core of Toronto native Julian Taylor’s success. Taylor is a Canadian, award-winning, singer-songwriter who began his career as a teenager; playing at local, open stages around the city.

Those humble beginnings have led Taylor down a storied path that includes; the release of seven albums, ten top-forty singles and has seen him play more than two thousand live shows in the last decade.

A true music fan and gifted performer, Taylor’s sound is a culmination of every musical genre that has touched him throughout his life. Equal parts troubadour and soul singer, Taylor emits a raw, emotive and distinct delivery.

He has toured across the world and has shared the stage with such renowned acts as Nickelback, Jeff Healey, Midnight Oil, Collective Soul, Blue Rodeo and many others. He was personally invited to perform at the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and Vancouver.

Julian’s most recent reincarnation sees him moving towards music that inspired him as a child and in a direction that “just felt natural”. Featuring an impossibly cool and lovable roster of diverse, accomplished musicians; the newly formed Julian Taylor Band released their first single, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, last summer.

Described simply as “baby- making music”, the new sound takes form as soul-driven pop-rock; inspired by the likes of The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers.

The sound, which has been catching fire, is sure to keep both dance floors and bedrooms alike bumping. Effortlessly, Julian, along with the band’s energy and performance, have been known to transcend the moment and take you to wherever it is that you want to be.

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Julian Taylor Band
Tech Noir
Mar 2014
Noah Mintz
Julian Taylor Band
Zero To Eleven (Single)
Sep 2013
Noah Mintz