Kensington Prairie


kp1[From Myspace] Rebecca Rowan began her musical endeavors , globe-trotting with her family across Africa and India, where she attended british boarding schools and was influenced by a wide-range of cultures. She moved from India, to attend college in British Columbia and a year later was the forming member of Maplewood Lane in 1999 with her sibling Joel and her husband-to-be, Nate. A few years later she added a couple friends Ryan, and Alana and the five of them went on to record 2 full length albums and 2 ep’s. Maplewood Lane licensed a large majority of their songs to film and television. Their songs appeared in Radio Free Roscoe, The Dark Oracle, Life with Derek, Degrassi High the Next Generation, and Atom Egoyin’s “Sabah”. They were featured in the soundtrack of Radio Free Roscoe and appeared in Top 30 College Radio Charts across Canada and the U.S. MWL has performed shows ranging from local concerts to music fes,,tivals such as NXNE (Toronto), New Music West (Vancouver), Woodsong Festival (Orcas Island), and Tomfest (Portland).
In the Fall of 2006, Rebecca began to work with husband Nate on a much anticipated solo-project which developed into Kensington Prairie’s Captured In Still Life. They brought in the genius of Jonathan Anderson (Jonathan Inc.) and along the way discovered Michelle Masters and fell in love with her harmonies and mandolin. KP has quickly followed in MWL’s footsteps, by already licensing three songs, A Million Skies, Disappear from View, and Photographs to CBC’s prime-time show, Heartland.

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2008 Kensington Prairie - Captured in Still Life
Kensington Prairie
Captured in Still Life
Apr 2008
Noah Mintz