Kitchens & Bathrooms


[From Wikipedia] Kitchens & Bathrooms are an indie math-punk rock band formed 1998 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Members of the band are Phil Williams (guitarist, vox), Lee Penrose (drummer, vox), Adrian Murchison (bassist). Other members who spent time in the band are: Matt David (Guitar), Chris Gallimore (Bass), and Marco Bressette (Guitar). Their first album Thousand Yard Stare was recorded by, now deceased, guitarist for ‘Junkhouse’ Dan Achen, and was a melodic, spacey, heavy-pop introduction to the band. After a number of guitarists came and went, they finally resigned to being a three-piece and signed to Sonic Unyon. Their first Label release “Utter a Sound” was a Heavy yet Melodic snapshot of the band in transition. After releasing the 2003 album Vehicles Beyond, a softer (but not soft) yet more focused album. They then went through another few tumultuous years of touring and producing only a couple more songs that went un-recorded, they finally disbanded. In 2006 they reunited for a show at The Casbah in their hometown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Phil Williams went on to do solo material, as well as form the band ‘The Inflation Kills’ with K&B Bassist Adrian Murchison, and two of the three members of friend’s band Hoosier Poet. After ‘The Inflation Kills’ disbanded Adrian Murchison then went on to form Pneumatic Transit with ‘Hoosier Poet’ drummer Nic Daleo. K&B drummer Lee Penrose mysteriously disappeared and hasn’t been seen by anyone since 2006. Some sightings in downtown Hamilton have been random, few and far between, and unverified.

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2003 Kitchens and Bathrooms - Vehicles Beyond
Kitchens & Bathrooms
Vehicles Beyond
Jun 2003
Noah Mintz