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[From Facebook] On October 07, 1998 in the city of Guelph, Ontario Canada; Rossana and Richard Frank Holmes welcomed a baby boy that they later named Landon Robert Holmes. If one looked back at the history of Landon Holmes family in the entertainment business, it would reveal that entertainment in various forms were part of it. From a Great Great Great Grandfather who was one of the first bare knuckled fighters who entertained audiences in the late 1800’s; to a great grandmother who performed in Vaudeville; and even a Great Great Aunt who ran off in her teens to join the circus.

However, in the last 50 years of Landon’s family history, his grandfather, who lives in Stoke on Trent Staffordshire, UK, sang and played the piano in English bars. A grandmother, who in the 60’s worked as a dancer backing some very well known rock stars of the day, and toured throughout the world. From this union, of a talented singer/musician grandfather and a dancer grandmother, came Landon’s mother, Rossana, who worked for many years as a singer, in various shows, attended the Italia Conti Stage School in South London, UK where she lived with her mother and stepfather before coming to Canada in 1974. In Canada, she continued her entertainment work, and even for a short time, owned with her parents, the Cambridge School of Performing Arts in the late 70s. Then after turning down at 15 years of age a chance to go to Nashville to record her own CD, she carried on with her singing career. Although Landon is the youngest of 3 children, he has an older brother, Roy and a sister Megan; he is the only one that actually inherited the voice of his grandfather and mother, and the dance from his grandmother. A great combination for a young artist intent on a career in the entertainment business. Not only did he inherit the music side of the business, he also found that he loved acting, and musical shows. At the age of 4, he was noticed for his good looks, innocent face and at that stage, his shyness which everyone called the Princess Di look – enough for a talent agency to want him to sign as an actor. However, it was decided not to pursue this due to his age, but it did not stop Landon performing in school performances. At the age of 7, he with a young girl partner performed a dance and song routine from High School Musical. This won them the Central Idol contest beating out even older contestants when they performed the same routine as part of the contest.
A year later Landon entered a singing competition in which he won first place in his category. It was at this contest that an agent saw him, and suggested that he consider becoming a tribute despite his young age. At the age of 11, again approached to perform as a tribute, he appeared at the prestigious Stage West in Mississauga, in the show Stars of Pop, (and offered another 10 performances over 2011) and suddenly discovered that he loved 500 girls screaming at him, although when he came off the stage he did ask the question “They do know I am just a tribute right?” It was not long before he found himself being asked to sing at the Toronto Zoo for New Years Eve events, 2010, and then the Bata Shoe Museum asked him to join their bill as well.

Before long, Landon was receiving attention as a singer in his own right, including a trip to Texas to perform. He performed at many fairs and festivals over 2011, and it was not until the Taste of Lawrence show, when he was seen by Setsi “Tyce” Morojele who saw his potential and signed him with their Label. Now in the process of recording his first CD with Morojele Music Group, the future looks very bright for this talented young man.
Landon’s debut album will be released by Morojele Music Group.

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Landon Holmes
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