Lou Canon


lou2[From Official Site] Lou Canon is a musician in Toronto. She teaches for a living and sings for a loving. She once reserved her wild imagination and playfulness for the classroom. Her students were happy, but something was amiss.
Although she continued to teach, her day no longer ended with the bell. She would unravel her bun at the door and spend her nights three stories above street level, in a very special place called Skyscraper National Park. Alongside Canadian musician, Hayden, she created, laughed, lingered, swore, drank tea, drank wine and slowly built her debut album.
Produced by Hayden Desser, Lou Canon’s record of that same name was released September 13th on Hardwood/Universal. She hopes for what we all hope for – to turn a loving into a living.

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2011 Lou Canon - ST
Lou Canon
Lou Canon
Sep 2011
Noah Mintz