Major Maker


major[From Wikipedia] Major Maker is a Canadian indie rock band, formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2006 by Bulgarian-born Todor Kobakov, and Icelandic singer-songwriter Lindy Vopnfjord. Their track “Rollercoaster” was used in a Maynards candy commercial, which led the company to be inundated with requests for the name of the band. The commercial was viewed more than 77,000 times on YouTube and was written about in the Toronto Sun and in Marketing magazine.[1][2] The duo wrote the song initially for the 30-second ad, calling it “Maynards Candy Song”, but after its popularity they wrote two-and-a-half minutes more of the song, retitled it, and released it for digital download in July 2007.[3] They also licensed the song “Talk to You” to Telus.[4]
Their 2006 debut full-length release All Illusion was recorded and mixed in Kobakov’s house.[5] Their 2007 EP People Carrier includes two remixes of “Rollercoaster”, one by Small Sins and one by Sofia Scandalli.[6]
Kobakov, whom by age 20 had completed a music performance degree in classical piano at the University of Toronto, has written film scores, including for the movie Young People Fucking. He has done string arrangements for such artists as Stars and Sarah Slean. He has also toured as part of the live band for Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton and Small Sins. Separately, Kobakov has released three albums under the name Cy Scobie, and Vopnfjord has released three under the name Lindy. For live shows, Kobakov and Vopnfjord are joined by bassist Thomas D’Arcy of Small Sins, guitarist Ian LeFeuvre of Starling, and drummer John Ocerbian from Sarah Harmer’s band.[1]

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