Mayor McCa


[From Wikipedia] Mayor McCa (born Christian Anderson Smith) is a Canadian musician, writer, cartoonist, animator, actor and onetime mayoral candidate from Hamilton, Ontario. He mostly performs as a one-man band.
One of McCa’s campaign pledges was to rename Hamilton as the home of Canadian rock and roll, Donut Rock City (a riff on Hamilton being the home of the first Tim Hortons store). McCa lost, polling eighth out of 12 candidates.
His music has been playlisted on CBC Radio 3, and appeared on the Sonic Unyon anniversary compilation Now We Are 5.
Mayor McCa currently lives and performs in London, England. He toured with Finger Eleven, Noisettes, Feist, Slow Club, Nick Oliveri and Blag Dahlia, as well as appearing at the Secret Garden Party festival. He recently toured with Bob Log III and the The Magic Numbers in early 2009. He has also played extensively in Canada.
On February 15, 2010 McCa released his hand-made animated video for the song, “Drinkalottawater”. The video was directed by Dean Chalkley and Yemisi Brookes.
In early 2012 the Mayor retired his one-man band but carried on writing songs under C.A. Smith. He released his first single, “Time” and “Judge Judy” on Records Records Records. His debut album, “Someone You Love” was released on We Are Busy Bodies in North America. It will be released worldwide in November 2012.

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2003 Mayor McCa - El Limb Men Oh Pee
Mayor McCa
El Limb Men Oh Pee
Jan 2003
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