Navy Skies


[From Facebook] Navy Skies is a Canadian rock band from Toronto, Ontario. Originally forming in 2012 under the name Rebel Rebel, the band was the successor to chief songwriter Travis Caine’s solo project. The lineup consists of Travis Caine (vocals and guitar), Kara Gauthier (keys), Bryan Wyshnicki (guitar), Paul Cope (drums), and Gary Hazelton (bass).

Often described as “90s revival,” Navy Skies embraces elements of alternative rock, classic rock, and punk rock music. They regularly draw comparisons to Foo Fighters and The Gaslight Anthem by fans and critics, and have credited both as major influences in interviews. The band describes their background in the punk/hardcore scene as a common focal point, helping them create music they simply define as rock ‘n’ roll.

On February 24, 2013, the band made the announcement that they would be changing their name to Navy Skies and releasing a new digital 7-inch for free via their official website, The recording was produced by Peter Van Helvoort of the band Teenage Kicks and featured two tracks (A-side: “Cut My Teeth,” B-side: “Ontario Winds”). It has received critical acclaim and, in comparison to their previous releases as Rebel Rebel, showcases Navy Skies embracing a more familiar DIY approach to their recording process and music.

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Navy Skies
Cut My Teeth
Feb 2013
Noah Mintz