Out To Lunch


[From Out To Lunch Music] Pushing the depths of the underground jazz scene, cutting edge New York City-based Out to Lunch will be releasing its third album, No One Left Behind, on one of the finest indie record labels, Mesa Recordings. Tracks such as “In Da House” and “It’s a Jungle Out There” move effortlessly from the world of funk to breakbeat, from dub to house, creating a sound that hits both the mind and feet. Out to Lunch has not only established itself as a mainstay on the New York scene, but has toured extensively through North America and Europe. Billboard magazine has called Out to Lunch, “a distinctive brand of funk…expanding the range of the listener’s experience,” while the Village Voice has hailed Out to Lunch as an, “ambitious and funky groove-prov octet.”

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Out To Lunch
Melvin's Rockpile
Jan 2010
George Graves