Pray For Minge


[From Original Website] Pray for Minge is a dirty funk rock band formed with the sole intention of making people dance and making people lose their inhibitions and have been doing so to a slightly bigger audience ever since.

It all started in the spring of 2010 when Kev phoned Dan on vacation in Las Vegas telling him to cut his vacation short. Kev was a successful solo artist writing soulful songs with dirty lyrics about the plight of the working man. Known as the white James Brown he had played the Toronto circuit (Horseshoe, Rivoli, etc.) and was looking to start a band. Dan was a freelance drummer/actor/director/party monster looking for any excuse not to grow up. Citing Animal from the Muppets as his biggest influence, all he wanted was to rock out and rock out hard. Kev booked a show at the Opera House and wanted to throw together a dirty rock band compiled of just drums and guitar. “We’ll be like the Black Keys,” he said, “people won’t know what hit them.” And after one rehearsal on a cold March night they quickly realized the value of a bassist. Vik, the Indian Chemical Engineer Bass phenom was found on Craigslist playing chili peppers covers on an orange flee bass. After completing a degree at McMaster he realized his heart was in music. He quickly became the heart of the band providing the funk back bone that immediately defined PFM’s style.

As a three piece they ascended the ranks of local indie bands leading them to open for Bedouin Soundclash at the legendary Dardenella. Things were good. But something was missing. They had the Dirty. They had the Funk. And they had the Rock. They needed Extravaganza. They found this in Chris, Vik`s housemate from school. The unassuming boyishly handsome science teacher who spends his days building minds of youth and spends his nights melting faces on stage.

There was an explosion of music, each song more funky than the last. This lead to their first EP released later that year. Together they were a force. A tsunami of sound, an earthquake of hip shake, a hurricane…of awesome. They made the rounds, from Opera House to Mod Club to El Mo to Rivoli to Hideout to Lee’s and much much more. They packed the Underground for King by King West, played to 500+ at the KC Carny, opened for Ko at the Siren Rock Launch Party and play to a full house at Cabin Five every other Friday.

As the crowds grow and the venues build, it continues to remain about the one reason it all started. To make people dance and lose all inhibitions.

Pray for Minge is The Dirty Funk Rock Extravaganza.

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Pray For Minge
The Dirty Funk Rock Extravaganza
Nov 2013
Phil Demetro