Prize Fighter

pf2[From Myspace] Prize Fighter comes out swinging – every time; just listen to their most recent EP, Come Hell or High Water. Packed with seven pop-rock gems, each so unique, it’s hard to believe the Southern-Ontario based quintet were able to weave the album together so seamlessly. Born as the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Zubin Thakkar (vocals/guitar) in 2001, Prize Fighter was at first nothing more than an untitled basement recording project fuelled by an old computer and a junky guitar. But with big ideas, come big sounds and it wasn’t long before Thakkar recruited a full band to bring the songs to life. Propelled by Mike Snyder (drums), Darren Thomas (keys/synth), George Carothers (guitar) and Justin Currie (bass), Prize Fighter took self-determination to the next level, maintaining a rigorous schedule of writing, recording and playing while carrying full-time university workloads. With two previous EPs under their belt (selling over 2000 discs collectively), and shows alongside Can-Rock staples Hedley, The Trews, Thornley and even Kalan Porter, the band has developed a loyal fan base in Southern Ontario. Case in point: the nearly 450 fans that turned up at Prize Fighter’s sold-out CD release party for Come Hell or High Water. Released in early 2007, Come Hell or High Water is a seven song knockout, co-produced by the band and driven by some of the catchiest hooks heard this side of pop music. It’s immediately apparent that Thakkar and Co. have trimmed the fat from their arrangements, meticulously crafting each track into a sleek, confident, radio-ready package.

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2007 Prize Fighter - Come Hell or Hight Water
Prize Fighter
Come Hell or High Water EP
Jan 2007
Noah Mintz