Que Rock


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BBoying, Graffiti writing, DJ-ing, and MC-ing; Que Rock lives and breaths Hip Hop.

Making his name in the B-Boy and mix-tape communities, Que has always been ahead of his time and 2012 marks the launch of his newest release, the LP “Smoke Signals.”

A member of the Mighty Zulu Kingz, DDT (Dirty Defiant Tribe), and Ready to Rock, Que Rock has earned worldwide recognition as a B-Boy and through the years has honed his craft in all four of the core elements of Hip Hop. From Atlanta to LA, New York to Toronto, Que Rock moves crowds with his multifaceted performances.

With his mind rooted in the origins of Hip Hop; Que Rock brings back the voice of the voiceless. Que Rock combines these elements to deliver a whole new take on the direction of Hip Hop Culture, not only through his respect and honoring of the Hip Hop pioneers, but also through his coupling of the elements with his traditional Anishnawbe values. Creating a brand new spectacle never before seen in the Hip Hop universe.

Bottom line: Que Rock is OFFICIAL. ‘Nuff said.

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Que Rock
Pass The Torch
Oct 2015
Phil Demetro