Reuben and The Dark


[From Facebook] Two years ago, Reuben Bullock emerged from a shed-turned-studio with a songwriter’s acumen and his debut album in tow: the minimally arranged, Pulling Up Arrows. The shed itself was the brain child of esteemed producer/arranger, Jay Crocker. He would team with Bullock whose knack for joinery would land the pair a warm creative fortress to hole up in for the Canadian winter.

His first solo recording acted as a passport for Bullock over the next year, and as his sound evolved, he shot the gap between cafe to barroom, and later barroom to ballroom. In 2011, he would be joined by Distance Bullock (drums and cello), Shea Alain (multi-instrumentalist) and Scott Munro (bass and keys) and perform as, Reuben and the Dark. Together, they released the sophomore record, Man Made Lakes (January 2012) in conjunction with a western Canadian tour.

Bullock’s most recent travels took him to Mexico where he would perform a select few shows, randomly grabbing the eye of Mairead Nash of London’s Luv Luv Luv Records (Florence and the Machine, Blood Orange) who summoned him to England. Once there, he would session at Limehouse Studios under the tutelage of producer, Christopher Hayden (Florence and the Machine) and engineer, Steve Carr (Francis Neve).

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Reuben and The Dark
Funeral Sky
Apr 2014
Phil Demetro