Reverie Sound Revue


rsr2[From Wikipedia] Reverie Sound Revue is a Canadian indie rock group formed in 2002 in Calgary. The group consists of Marc De Pape (guitar), John-Marcel de Waal (drums), Bryce Gracey (bass guitar), Lisa Lobsinger (vocals) and Patrick Walls (guitar). They are fronted by Lobsinger, who occasionally contributes to indie band Broken Social Scene. The group originally formed in Calgary, Alberta in 2002, disbanded in 2004, but later reformed in 2005. They have established a large fan base in Canada, but have had little success outside the country. Their albums have received mostly positive reviews from critics, although their songs have been criticized for not being memorable enough.

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2010 Reverie Sound Revue - ST
Reverie Sound Revue
Reverie Sound Revue
Jun 2009
Noah Mintz