Robyn Dell’Unto


rdu1[From Facebook] Mississauga native Robyn Dell’Unto first took the stage in Hamilton, ON supporting Canadian beauties like Basia Bulat, Jill Barber and Melissa McClelland in between psychology classes at McMaster University. By 2009, she had inked a deal with Orange Lounge/inDiscover in Toronto and took to her debut LP. Produced by Adam King (Good Lovelies, Cider Sky), Daryn Barry (Lindy, Hayden) and Bob Doidge (Ani DiFranco, Weeping Tile), ‘I’m Hear Every Night’ (2010) flaunts the depth, breadth and playful sparkle of a newcomer with undeniable lasting potential.

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Robyn Dell’Unto
Little Lines
Jan 2014
Phil Demetro
2010 Robyn Dell'Unto - I'm Here Every Night
Robyn Dell’Unto
I'm Here Every Night
Sep 2010
Noah Mintz