Robyn Ottolini


[From Original Website] Robyn Ottolini is a seventeen year old singer-songwriter who has been immersed in the magic of music since the age of 3. In Uxbridge Ontario, her home town, she is known for singing throughout the halls of her high school. ‘Without looking, teachers know it’s me when I get into class,’ Robyn says with a grin.
Robyn remembers coming up with melodic ideas as early as ten years old and wanting to write songs. Piano lessons weren’t enough to satisfy Robyn’s musical interests, playing flute in the school band helped but, it was the introduction of the guitar where Robyn found her writing partner. Her earliest songs were written with her grandfather’s Harmony guitar from the 1950s.
‘I write songs about what I’m feeling and what’s happening in my life.’
Robyn has a fascination with the ocean. She believes ‘what you see on the surface is different than what is underneath.’ Her lyrics reflect her unique view of the world around her. She writes songs with a seasoned eloquence beyond her 17 years.
When the opportunity to sing on demos for a local recording studio presented itself, Robyn jumped right in. Her original songs caught the producer’s attention. ‘It was Robyn’s unique vocal tone and the strength of her songwriting that impressed us’ says her producers.

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Robyn Ottolini
Fairy Tales and Other Stories (Single)
Aug 2012
Noah Mintz
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