Robyn & Ryleigh


[From Robyn & Ryleigh Music] Sisters Robyn Gillespie and Ryleigh Gillespie are a talented emerging country/pop duo hailing from the serene setting of Langley, British Columbia. Their sound is a reflection of their country upbringing, their favourite musical influences, and traditional country acoustic elements blended with the energy of modern rock.  Part mud, makeup, glamour and fun, Robyn & Ryleigh are authentic Canadian country girls who immerse themselves in the country lifestyle in unique ways. Robyn can be found working on her own car, while Ryleigh enjoys quadding. As they sing about fast cars, boys, and hot summer nights, Robyn & Ryleigh are the perfect recipe for a couple of girls you’d like to get to know better.

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Robyn & Ryleigh
Robyn & Ryleigh
Jul 2013
George Graves