Sarah Shafey


[From Facebook] Combining the melodic sounds of indie guitar rock with layered, ethereal harmonies of ’90s influenced alternative and adding a heavy dose of girl glam, Sarah Shafey brings back the grunge.

After releasing a self-titled EP and a full-length album in 2009, Shafey stepped away to work on several projects such as: “International Song Writing Competition” recognized collective Broad Way Sleep and female collective GoodSoundsGood.

She also honed her technical skills behind the scenes recording and mixing albums for various Toronto bands including The Wilderness of Manitoba.

In 2011 filled with new inspiration Shafey approached guitarist Donna Grantis, co-producer and co-writer on Shafey’s new album Maverick.

After crafting eleven tracks Reminiscent of Hole, Garbage, Elastica, L7, and Green Day, and bringing on Roger Travassos (drums) and Mark McIntyre (bass), the album was recorded at several studios across Ontario.

The result is grinding riffs, melodic and catchy vocals, grungy rhythms, and some tasty guitar solos.

Thematically, Maverick is about Shafey’s personal experiences over the past three years culminating into a full-length album.

A fast paced journey into the behind the scenes of her life from the multilayered opening track “Swim” to the quiet lullaby of the last song “The Infinite Possibility of Sea Feet”, Maverick is story unfolding.

Shafey is clearly comfortable singing in this genre, “it was a natural transition for me to get into this. The only barrier that was stopping me in the past was not being able to play the guitar. I rented some ‘how to’ dvds for guitar and got to a point where I could create template tracks to pass onto Donna to make better”.

Look out for the video for the album single “Paranoia” to be released soon and the full album to be released in May 2013.

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Sarah Shafey
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