Slim Signal


[From Facebook] Slim Signal is a Toronto based electronic music group composed of three up and coming artists Terry Koutinas (Terry Funk), Ricardo Pereira (Ricardo Rise), Marco Palma (Marc Dub). Sharing a similar passion and appreciation for music of all genres, the three teamed up in 2009 to bring their vision and unique sounds together in hopes to provide Toronto with a new dynamic in house, trance and other forms of electronic music.
DJ`ing has always been a primary hobby for the three young artists yet their passion and focus lies within producing songs. Having spun at some of Toronto`s premier nightclubs, Slim Signal is looking to expand globally so that their music and vision can reach electronic music lovers and enthusiasts across the globe. Having met and worked with many of the industries greats throughout the years, it is clear that Slim Signal`s calling to become a leading DJ tandem is a dream which will soon be realized.
A sound appreciation for electronic music and fans of the genre is what separates Slim Signal from the rest. The three began together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but their passion, work ethic and unique sound will ensure their name will become recognized across the globe very soon.

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