Sometime After Sundown


[From Facebook] Sometime After Sundown (SAS) is the brainchild of Seah Maister, Jenna Earle and Karli Rose MacIntosh.

Seah grew up around the piano. Moving through many Canadian landscapes (Prairies, Mountains, and the Coast) her many homes had one common thread. They were always filled with the sounds of Classical Composers and Sultry Singers.

As a child, Jenna would find any guitar she could, tune it into her own open tunings and play away. Deep into the Blues and Jazz, she was moved by anything with a story and soul.

Raised amongst the trees at the top of a mountain, Karli naturally chose the instrument that made the most noise. She also likes rock and roll, smiling and puppies.

Tim began his life on the shores of stormy Lake Ontario. The lapping of the waves leant themselves to Tim’s rhythmic style of playing.

Originating in Nelson, BC, a hotbed of music and creativity, SAS was a three piece comprised of Maister, Earle, and MacIntosh. After a relocation to Vancouver, and with the addition of Tim Riopelle on bass, SAS began to build what has become their signature sound.

Citing varied influences such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Queens of the Stone Age, Fleet Foxes, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, SAS draws upon the essence of music from decades past. Their harmony heavy compositions strike a unique balance of soft and heavy, darkness and light.

Between touring to California to play the Avocado Festival, recording through out most of 2012, and finishing their self-titled EP ‘SAS’ at Vancouver’s Nimbus School of Recording Arts, Sometime After Sundown has really begun to evolve. With their first EP, and the release of a heavier electric sound, the gals and Tim are gearing up for a busy and exciting year ahead!

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Sometime After Sundown
May 2013
Phil Demetro