SonReal & Rich Kidd


SonRealRichKidd_BestBelieve-ScreenShot02[From Black Box]As solo artists, Rich Kidd and SonReal have both made a tremendous impact in the Canadian hip-hop scene. Rich is The People’s Champ, a hero in Toronto, and a sought-after producer. His We On Some Rich Kidd Shiiiit mixtape series has become a highlight of the summer for hip-hop heads across the country, featuring material from established artists like Redman, Rah Digga and Pac Div, as well as acting as a launching pad for young, up-and-coming artists. As an MC, he’s developed a reputation for a high-energy live show and a hard-hitting delivery.

Son is also multi-talented. The Vancouverite’s fluid mixture of singing and rapping is instantly recognizable, and he has a gift for creative catchy hooks. That said, his complex bar structures and double time rhymes prove that, underneath the pop sensibility, he’s still an MC’s MC. Son has dropped four critically acclaimed mixtapes in the last two years, released a series of well received videos, and has been responsible for breathing new life into the hip-hop scene on the West Coast of Canada.

Rich Kidd and SonReal first hooked up in 2007, when Son approached Rich about putting lyrics on one of his beats. Rich obliged, and one of the resulting songs, “Put it On,” was featured on the first edition of Rich Kidd Shiiiit. The pair didn’t meet in person until 2010, when Rich made a trip out to BC. The pair became fast friends, and hit the studio to record “Already There” for Son’s The Lightyear Mixtape. “Already There” turned out to be a hit, receiving massive attention online.

“Already There,’ gained so much success… we both just agreed that it would be a good look if we formed a collective for one record and saw where it went, so we did The Closers,” said Son.
Originally, the pair had intended to team up to record a quick EP. Once they started recording, however, they found themselves so in sync with one another that the project expanded to become a full-length album.

According to Rich, the name “The Closers” didn’t come about until well into the recording process. He says it is a reflection of the pair’s ambition.

As individuals, Rich and Son were able to make an impact on the Canadian hip-hop scene. As a unit, their ambitions are even larger. Their 10-song debut album was recorded in Hollywood, and their first video “Money Money” – a slightly tongue-in-cheek affair shot in a century old mansion outside of Toronto – is already in rotation on MuchMusic. The Closers are ready to shut down shows around the globe, gain a whole new crop of fans, and lead the next generation of Canadian hip-hop artists to new levels of success.

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SonReal & Rich Kidd
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