sm2[From Facebook] StinkMitt are legends in their own time. Their debut LP Scratch n Sniff on Teenage USA Recordings was hailed as “an instant classic” and “a groundbreaking genre-fuck” (Hour, Montreal) while their live shows – which put the flashdance back in freestyling – are as infamous as they are massively entertaining.
StinkMitt’s totally original synth-pop/hip-hop hybrid sound is infused with the hilarious and brilliant commentary of MCs Jenni Craige & Betti Forde and backed by the triple threat of producer/rapper/vocalist Bigstuff & the multi-talented Stunt Man. Shortly after forming in 2002, StinkMitt was headlining the biggest clubs in Canada such as Lee’s Palace and Sonar, opening for the Gossip and Har-Mar Superstar, and touring with Nashville Pussy and more recently, Peaches.
In addition to supporting major acts, the overwhelming demand for StinkMitt’s live shows led to Jenni & Betti touring Europe & North American heavily from 2004 until present, headlining major club nights such as RAUW (Amsterdam), BoomBox (London) and CroBar (NYC). Despite being totally DIY and trotting about the globe they managed to take breaks to record a follow up LP for Cochon Records, The Red Album, with Bigstuff & the Stuntman in Ottawa & Vancouver respectively. The LP was released in 2007 to yet more critical acclaim as reviewers applauded the darker and more musically mature songs that still retained the signature StinkMitt sound – intense and pumping.
StinkMitt’s growing popularity has placed them onstage in front of an audience of 100,000 at San Francisco’s 2007 Pride Celebration, they’ve licensed many tracks to film and TV including the hit series The L-world, they’ve been invited by artists such as Peaches and Larry Tee to collaborate on tracks, and they’ve even been name-dropped by Kate Pierson (B-52’s) in Rolling Stone. Their signature 80s trash look and potty-mouthed rapping has been copied many times over by female artists achieving far more fame on far less talent but because StinkMitt is totally ahead of their time, it will likely take a few more years for the world to catch on. In the meantime, StinkMitt are here to save your life. Are you ready?

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2006 Stinkmitt - The Red Album
The Red Album
Nov 2006
Noah Mintz