Swaying Tuesdays


[From Reverb Nation] SWAYING TUESDAYS are a pop music firestorm. Born amidst the humid summers and harsh winters of the Great Lakes, SWAYING TUESDAYS are a part of an unstoppable indie explosion that is streamlining the continent (i.e. Best Coast, Beach House, Smith Westerns). Performing every sleek nightclub to lounge hide-a-way in their path, SWAYING TUESDAYS promise to charge every cell and ion between your ears. Reluctantly lead by Brent Lee with his telecaster and Ryman Theatre croon, this new tunesmith proves there is still a place for sidewinding optimism amongst a sea of melancholy. In the CBGB jacket stands the vocalist, his frantic half-brother Greg. On drums sits the impeccable Alex Cockburn, adding in elements of world-beat to their rural grooves. On the bass stands Scott Walker, an alley ruffian that is always quick with a joke and to light up your smoke. Together they make SWAYING TUESDAYS, a radio box healing explosion that can be heard all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Swaying Tuesdays
Dog Years
Aug 2012
Noah Mintz