Teresa Doyle


[From Original Website] Teresa Doyle is a vocal explorer with a lifelong passion for pushing the boundaries of her voice. She’s endlessly experimenting with new vocal colours, extended vocal techniques, and vocal textures from other cultures. Her exploration has taken her around the world singing with Kenyan farm women, a Japanese lute player, Tibetan overtone singers, Soca musicians from Tobago, improvisers in New York, South Indian yogis, traditional Gaelic singers from Ireland, and folk musicians from the Yukon Territory to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her repertoire reflects her journey but is always firmly rooted in the Celtic music and stories of her native Prince Edward Island.

Her new project, Song Road, is a folk/celtic/world recording produced by fiddle wizard and multi-instrumentalist, Jaron Freeman-Fox—the protégé of Teresa’s long time producer, the late Oliver Schroer. Teresa is a seasoned performer with years of vocal exploration under her belt. Jaron is a young, exciting, fearless inventor. Together they’ve created a sonic road trip for the musical adventurer.

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Teresa Doyle
Song Road
Feb 2013
Noah Mintz